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Take a look at some of our recent acts of solar heroism.

Montante Solar designs custom solar energy systems that are optimized for the unique facilities of each of our clients, from retrofitting an existing building to designing a solar energy system for a new development. We pride ourselves in building relationships with our clients to fully understand their energy needs and create the best possible solar application for their business.

  • Buffalo Public Schools - Buffalo, New York 14202

    The Buffalo Public Schools Project is a 3-megawatt project,which includes the installation of roof-mounted solar arrays at 19 schools throughout the district. It is the largest solar project completed for a public school district in New York State and is expected to generate about 3.4 million kWh of power each year–enough to power 220 homes annually.

    3mW Solar System
    19 Roof-Mounted Arrays
    3.4 Million kWh of Electricity Annually
    Avoids 1,700 Metric Tons CO2/Year
  • Mueller Array - 63 Main St. Tonawanda, 14150

    Montante Solar retrofitted the building at Mueller Services within the City of Tonawanda with a roof-top solar energy system. The array allows Mueller to decrease their energy costs, while increasing the value of their urban facility.

    33 kW System
    Avoids 24.3 Metric Tons of CO2/Yr
    Retrofitted Urban Building
    $4,300 Annual Electricity Value
  • 555 Riverwalk Array - 555 Riverwalk Parkway, Tonawanda, NY 14150

    The 555 Riverwalk Array is part of a new facility for FedEx Trade Networks that utilizes innovative sustainability technologies and is the first in New York State with Advanced Solar Architecture. It generates electricity, while providing additional benefits such as shading with wind and rain protection. The array is expected to replace one million kilowatt hours of fossil-fuel-sourced electricity–the equivalent of 80,000 gallons of gasoline.

    100 kW Solar Curtain Wall
    First Advanced Solar Architecture in WNY
    Avoids 80 Metric Tons of CO2/Yr
    Additional Benefits Like Shading
  • South Buffalo Charter Array - 154 S Ogden St, Buffalo, NY 14206

    Montante Solar constructed a roof-mount solar array to help power the new 100,000 square foot South Buffalo Charter School. The 200-kiloWatt system is projected to offset approximately 35 percent of the school’s electricity requirements. Custom monitoring provides faculty and students with a glimpse into how the natural environment around them works.

    200kW Rooftop Solar Array
    Offsets 35% School Electric Requirements
    Avoids 44 Metric Tons CO2/Year
    Custom Monitoring for Teaching Purposes
  • Sealing Devices Array - 4400 Walden Ave, Lancaster, 14086

    The solar array at Sealing Devices is one of the largest solar energy systems powering a manufacturing facility in the WNY region. Sealing Devices purchased their system, allowing them to take full advantage of the federal tax credits, state incentives, depreciation benefits, and reduced energy costs.

    Reduced company grid usage by 1/4
    250 kW System
    Avoids 194 Metric Tons of CO2/Yr
    $41,250 Annual Electricity Value
  • DuPont Array - Entrance of Riverview Solar Technology Park in Tonawanda

    The ground-mounted array at the entrance of Riverview Solar Technology Park was created in collaboration with DuPont to test the viability of alternative solar technology in the northeast. This particular array produces 10%-20% more electricity than a typical solar array, due to the cutting edge thin film solar technology employed within this system.

    Partnership between DuPont and Montante Solar
    6 kW Ground Mounted System
    Produces more energy in overcast conditions
    Cutting Edge thin film technology used
  • Unifrax Array - 600 Riverwalk Parkway, Tonawanda 14150

    The roof-mounted solar array atop 600 Riverwalk Parkway powers the corporate headquarters for Unifrax, which includes their Research & Development facility. Located in TM Montante Development’s Riverview Solar Technology Park, the solar array was designed in the shape of TM Montante’s logo, which creates a unique and impressive view from above.

    100 kW System
    Generates 106,300 kWh annually
    Avoids 69.7 Metric Tons of CO2/Yr
    $14,820 Annual Electricity Value