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Project Overview

In 2013, Montante Solar worked in partnership with NYSERDA to install a 250kW solar array at the Sealing Devices headquarters and manufacturing facility.

The solar array installed at that building offsets 25 percent -- 275,000kWh -- of the company’s electricity use from the grid each year. The array enables the company to avoid 200 tons of carbon dioxide emissions yearly, and save $25,000 annually in electricity costs. The Sealing Devices Inc. headquarters building is located in a New York State Electric and Gas Corp. (NYSEG) strategic zone, so the system not only provides clean energy but also helps take stress off the grid at a critical location.

This project was part of NYSERDA’s NY-Sun Competitive PV Program, which provides incentives for PV systems larger than 200 kilowatts. Because of this partnership, accelerated depreciation and the credit received from the utility to offset its load during peak hours, projected payback for Sealing Devices Inc. is less than five years.

Record-Setting Solar

Largest solar energy system powering a manufacturing facility in the WNY region.

Located in NYSEG Strategic Zone

The system not only provides clean energy but also helps take stress off the grid at a critical location.

Reach Sustainability Goals

The system offsets 25% of the company's electricity use each year.

Montante Solar Services

Montante Solar was able to add value from start to finish, assisting with each aspect of the project to keep it moving forward. From our extremely detailed, comprehensive proposals to assisting with permits and incentives to project closeout and turnover, Montante Solar used our expertise to streamline the project and deliver results.

  • Thorough Proposal
  • System Design 
  • Project Development
  • Equipment Procurement 
  • NYSERDA Grant
  • Project Installation
  • Utility Coordination
  • Project Closeout
  • Ongoing O&M

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