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Solar Solutions

Our extensive cross-industry experience creates better solutions for your specific project needs.

Different types of businesses or organizations have different needs when it comes to solar power. We offer solutions for many types of projects, all tailored to meet your needs through our extensive capabilities and range of in-house expertise. Learn more about our approach to some of the most common types of solar projects.

Business / Commercial Solar

You need a solar energy partner who understands how to work within a budget while still planning for long-term savings and cost reductions. You can rely on our expertise, experience, and collaboration to guide you through your solar transition.

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Industrial / Utility Scale Solar

If you’re looking for large-scale, off-site solar power, Montante Solar brings the experience you’re looking for to successfully design and install construct large remote arrays across a variety of applications and uses, from private subscription corporate/industrial use to community solar power.

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Municipal Solar

Public sector solar power pays off, but requires a partner who can manage the execution with a high degree of accountability and efficiency. Our solutions slash your electricity expenses and advance your sustainability objectives without requiring any capital expenditure.

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Solar for Schools & Universities

Solar energy in schools is an ideal way to offset tightening budgets while teaching an invaluable lesson in the power of renewable resources. We’re your guide to making the switch to solar in your school delivering energy savings without requiring any capital expenditure.

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Landowner Opportunities

Solar energy is becoming a popular investment for businesses of all sizes, and shared solar arrays are making it possible. Montante Solar is always looking to provide landowners the opportunity to monetize their property by leasing their land for solar energy production.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

When you install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, you’re not just providing customers, employees, and tenants with convenience and connectivity, you’re demonstrating your sustainability commitment to the entire community.

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