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Solar Services

A simple process that revolves around you.

From project initiation to budgeting to system design to installation, going solar requires abundant planning and careful decision making. The Montante Solar team has a deep understanding of each step of the process, including the many details to be ironed out along the way. We’ve simplified the process down to three key phases, and serve as your guide along the way. Our expert team tailors each phase to meet the unique needs of your project and organization, allowing you to stay focused on the light at the end of the tunnel – a highly efficient solar system that meets your energy needs.

Going solar can be simple with the right plan and the right team at the wheel. At Montante Solar, we’ve spent years honing our solar installation process. Our process revolves around your needs, budgets, and expectations while shedding light on the possibilities. We’ve simplified the solar experience down to three key steps: design, develop, build.