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Solar Financing Options

Invest in solar your way – own or lease.

The long-term financial benefits of solar power are undeniable, and we want you to optimize your returns so the pay-offs start sooner versus later. Our team has strong financial acumen, and we’re able to help you secure financing that works for you – including guidance on tax credits and incentives. Choose between a Power Purchase Agreement or the opportunity to own your system outright. Either way, Montante Solar is here to support you.

Choosing the Right Option

You can choose to own your solar power system or enter into a PPA agreement with Montante Solar. Our financial experts can help you determine what your financing options might be, and how to make the most of them.

streamline-icon PPA
streamline-icon Own

Upfront Cost

None Full Cost


Montante Solar You


Granted to Montante Solar Granted to You


Offered By Montante Solar Offered By Montante Solar


20/25 Years Owned

Going solar can be simple with the right plan and the right team at the wheel. At Montante Solar, we’ve spent years honing our solar installation process. Our process revolves around your needs, budgets, and expectations while shedding light on the possibilities. We’ve simplified the solar experience down to three key steps: design, develop, build.