Montante Group

Buy the System

Investing in a solar energy system for your business is the best way to save money over the life of your system. Solar energy systems typically pay for themselves within 5-7 years, due to the energy cost savings, federal tax credits, and state incentives.


We design your solar energy system

Our experts evaluate your facility and devise an installation plan that will include the system size, the design, and the installation timeframe.

Purchase your system

Buying your system will grant your business the ability to maximize the savings and other financial benefits of going solar. Our finance professionals will help you maximize your return on investment by identifying applicable tax credits and incentives.

Generate your own power.

Once your solar energy system has been installed, you will begin immediately harnessing the sun to power your business. Sit back, relax and watch your energy costs fall.

Receive your t-shirt in the mail because you just became a

Solar Hero.