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Solar Hero

How Solar Works

Photovoltaic solar panels generate clean energy by converting sunlight into usable electricity.

Chapter 1: The Sun

Our solar hero story begins at the center of life in our galaxy, the Sun. Located 93 million miles from planet earth, with a surface temperature of 5500°C, the Sun shines rays of light that travel faster than a speeding bullet to Planet Earth and hit your solar panels with particles of light called photons.

Chapter 2: Photons are captured

Solar panels harness the power of the sun by converting these photons into electrons that are captured in the form of direct current. The solar power produced by the panel is dependent on how much light strikes the panel, so on sunnier days, more energy is produced by solar panels.

Chapter 3: DC converts to AC

In order to realize your solar powers, DC current must be converted into usable Alternating Current (AC). The electrons flow out of the panel into an inverter, which will convert them into AC.


Chapter 4: It's showtime, photons.

AC is the current that powers most of our daily electricity usage. Once AC current has been created, you have entered Solar Hero mode.

Chapter 5: Tracking Your Solar Powers

Now that your business is ready to take on the world with clean energy, both your usage and power generation will be tracked by a bi-directional meter. Any additional energy created by your solar energy system goes back into the grid. This is called net metering, which allows your business to defeat unsavory high energy costs while saving the world through reducing CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions.

Harness the power of the sun in your hands and become... A Solar Hero