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Go solar with no upfront cost and without installing a system on your roof with
Community Solar

How it works

Montante Solar builds a perfectly sited array within the region. You contract with Montante Solar to purchase a share of the array’s energy. The renewable power flows out on to the local Utility’s grid, and is delivered to you in the form of monthly credits on your electric bill.


Montante Solar builds and maintans a perfectly sited solar array in your region

Most homes are not suitable for solar. The community solar array provides homeowners and renters a green energy solution without installing a system on their roof.


You sign up for a Montante Solar Community Solar Allocation

Sign a simple Community Solar Agreement with Montante Solar to subscribe and buy a portion of the energy produced by the array every month. Your energy rate will be locked in for the duration of the agreement.


You save money through a clean energy credit included on your utility bill

As a Community Solar participant, you can look forward to a dramatically reduced bill from your utility company.


Congratulations, you just became a

Solar Hero

Request Information Below and discover your path to energy greatness.

Our current allocation of green energy is being offered in three blocks. These blocks are first come first serve. Once the first block of green energy is sold out, our next block becomes available. Request information below or call 716.876.8898 to reserve your spot!

Solar Panel Illustration
Full Tier 1 Pricing 13¢ kWh Sold Out
Full Tier 2 Pricing 14¢ kWh Act Now
Full Tier 3 Pricing 15¢ kWh Open

Community Solar

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