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Solar Installation Completed at NT Apartment Complex


Kenmore Development recently announced the completion of a 195-panel solar array on the roof of its Gateway Park Apartments complex in North Tonawanda.

The installation work was performed by Montante Solar, and Kenmore Development invested approximately $150,000 in the project.

“We ultimately decided to install the solar panels because it’s the right thing to do and it’s the future,” said Scott Hunt, president of Kenmore Development. “From the standpoint of a manager and a business owner, this is the example I want to set for my kids, as I believe it is important for people in my generation to set that example for future generations.”

The rooftop array comprises Canadian Solar 325-watt panels, which can produce solar energy for up to 30 years or more. The solar array is a 65-kilowatt system, which will produce 72,000 kwh of energy annually.

The array will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 105,000 pounds annually, which is the equivalent of consuming 6,000 gallons of gasoline.

“This was a challenging installation simply because of the extensive work that had to be done to prepare the 150-year-old building for a rooftop solar array,” said Daniel Montante, president of Montante Solar. “Kenmore Development was a great partner on this project, and we look forward to working with Scott and his team on other projects in the future.”

“This investment demonstrates our commitment to becoming a greener company,” Hunt said. “It also allows us to market this property to renters who share our commitment to the environment and who want to do their part in the effort to mitigate climate change.”

Hunt says he has plans to expand solar to other Kenmore Development-owned buildings, with Riverview Manor Apartments and 80 Clinton St. in Tonawanda, among the properties under consideration.

He said such projects require a significant amount of capital upfront, but it’s worth it in the long run and reinforces the company’s commitment to being good stewards of the environment.

Originally published by in the Ken-Ton Bee on May 2, 2018

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