Solar Hero

The Benefits

With solar power comes great benefits: both fiscal and environmental.

Being a solar hero comes with several benefits. You will watch your energy costs fall faster than a speeding bullet and protect your bottom line by locking in your energy costs for 20 years. By utilizing solar power, you will also reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and help contribute to a cleaner and safer environment.

Save Money Save Money

Once your business switches to solar power, your electricity costs will decrease.

Lock In Your Rates Lock In Your Rates

Traditional energy costs are difficult to predict due to supply and market fluctuations. Using solar energy stabilizes your business's energy costs.

Federal Tax Credits Federal Tax Credits

The Federal government offers tax credits for businesses who switch to using solar power, thus increasing your return on investment on a solar energy system.

Reduced Carbon Footprint Reduced Carbon Footprint

Traditional electricity production emits greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, while solar power creates electricity without harmful emissions. Each kilowatt hour (kWh) of solar energy used in place of traditional electricity offsets more than a pound of CO2.

State Incentives State Incentives

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) provides cash incentives for new commercial solar energy systems, which will mitigate a significant percentage of your total installation costs.

Accelerated Depreciation Accelerated Depreciation

Depreciation tax rules support your business' decision to go solar. Accelerated depreciation allows you to depreciate your solar energy system quickly. This will reduce your taxable income, which will in turn reduce your business's tax liability.

and that's not all...
Give Back... To the Grid Give Back... To the Grid

In the event that your solar energy system generates more power than your business consumes, the excess power will be sold to the utility company and you will receive a credit for the power on your monthly utility bill, which will save your organization even more money.

Clean Energy Source Clean Energy Source

Utilizing solar energy can help offset energy generated by fossil fuels, which are harmful to the environment. The sun is a free, renewable source of energy that generates electricity cleanly and safely.

Attracting Great Employees Attracting Great Employees

Powering your business with solar energy shows that your company is a forward-thinking leader in both technology and community involvement. This will attract high quality candidates to apply for positions at your business.

Increase Property Value Increase Property Value

A solar energy system is an opportunity for your business to invest in its own future and will generate a positive return on investment quickly. You are not just installing solar panels, you are installing a secure investment vehicle with a superior return on capital.

Green Identity Green Identity

Companies with a “green” reputation are held in high regard by their customers, as it demonstrates your business’s commitment to creating a cleaner community.

Easy to Access Easy to Access

The rays of the sun surround us each and every day. Sunlight is a plentiful resource that is readily available to everyone on a daily basis.

Endless Source of Power Endless Source of Power

Sunlight will continue to be available for billions of years and in ample quantities.

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